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GammaRebels, a new Warsaw-based accelerator, launches to support tech startups

GammaRebels, a new accelerator programme that focuses on tech startups from Central and Eastern Europe, has just launched its exciting services for founders and their teams (Update – January 2023: The accelerator seems to be no longer in business and we therefore deactivated the link).

Part of hardGAMMA Ventures, GammaRebels will run a 3-month long programme in Warsaw that starts in August and runs until the end of October. To pass through the recruitment process, startups must have at least one technical co-founder and a working prototype. Once accepted, the programme offers a predefined equity investment of €5K for 10% equity. In addition to this, young founders will get a helping hand from mentors, plus office space in Warsaw, and the chance to pitch investors at the end of the programme at a Demo Day. The application process has just begun and lasts until mid July.

The organizers of this brand new startup accelerator programme are Chris Kowalczyk (co-founder of Codility), Piotr Sienkiewicz and Kamila Sido. As GammaRebels is aiming to support international startups, the official language for the programme will be English.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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