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The first episode of the ‘European Startups Podcast’: Hussein Kanji, a London-based entrepreneur and investor

In the first episode of the ‘European Startups Podcast’, we cover about what many consider the main weakness of the European tech scene: investment opportunities.

This week’s guest is Hussein Kanji, a London-based entrepreneur and investor. Hussein not only understands startups and VCs, but he also knows very well how the startup ecosystem works in the US and in Europe, having worked on both sides of the pond.

We cover a wide range of topics during this show, from term sheets (such as the new standard document issued by a bunch of European investors), to how to meet investors, to where to set up a company.

The goal of this podcast is to deliver actionable information to European startups. Our belief at EU-Startups is that although there are loads of great sites about startups in general, we need to do a better job at sharing our knowledge of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the European environment.

In the next episodes, we’d like to talk about how to grow and hire in different regions, dig deeper into legal differences between countries and how to use them at our advantage, as well as spend some time discussing how startups can collaborate with European universities to drive innovation. Suggestions are welcome!

Additionally, if you’d like more useful information on investment and economics in general, follow Hussein’s Twitter stream, which is a goldmine of great links on those topics.

You can download the first episode of the ‘European Startups Podcast’ here: Download episode.

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