AudioDraft: Outsourced & crowdsourced audio productions


AudioDraft, a Finnish audio crowdsourcing startup, enables companies to outsource their audio productions (jingles, music for games or videos…) to a worldwide sound designer community. The young company, which is based in Espoo, has just launched a customised audio contest for Nelonen Media – which is one of the biggest media companies in Finland. Nelonen Media is looking for an audio identity package for their brand via an open AudioDraft contest.

In the start-up stage of AudioDraft, the founders had raised some angel funding from a group of experienced Finnish angel investors and a Finnish investment company. The young team launched a first private beta version in late 2009 with inviting musicians and producers who the founders knew back then (each of the founders has a background in music production and they are quite well connected with artists). The word of mouth effect started to work and by the start of their public beta in July 2010 AudioDraft had hundreds of musicians and sound designers on its website.

AudioDraft has already hosted 42 contests since the product launch last year. Their clients include major Finnish and US companies and brands such as Marimekko, YLE, Nelonen Media and GameHouse. Contests can last from two to four weeks. Average duration for a contest is two weeks and a contest receives 50 entries on average. AudioDraft clients can also host sprint contests that can be closed at any given time when the winning entry is found. Their sound designer community is global and has over 4,000 members from over 50 countries all over the world (both professional and semi-professional musicians /sound designers).

Check out the following video to get a better understanding of AudioDraft and its service: