launched a virtual fitting room for women


The Tallinn (Estonia) based startup recently introduced a set of female FitBot robotic mannequins that promise to ease the challenge of purchasing clothes that fit. The female FitBot mannequin will launch at British retailer, Hawes & Curtis, where the male FitBot mannequin (which was introduced in 2010) has already been implemented. stated that due to the various shapes and sizes of the female body (check out the video below this post), the female FitBot robot was more complicated to accurately model than the male torso and took longer to perfect. The technology allows the robot to adjust to conform to hundreds of thousands of body shapes, allowing the shopper to visualize how the specific garment will look on her. This solves probably one of the biggest problems for online fashion retail – the lack of a fitting room.

“Our female FitBot mannequin can adjust to just about any female body type, giving women the confidence that they are making a successful online purchase without the need to return,” says Heikki Haldre, CEO and co-founder of

Learn more about and check out the interview we did (by the end of last year) with the co-founder and CEO Heikki Haldre.


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