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Why you shouldn’t move your company to Silicon Valley

Martin Varsavsky, the founder of FON, delivered a ‘must watch’ speech this month at the Venture Days 2011 event.

Given that the topic of this speech was “Why you should not move your company to Silicon Valley”, you can imagine why this talk was a popular one to listen to, given that Silicon Valley is often hailed as a top destination for startups and scaleups hoping to land their next funding round, nab expert advice, or make significant partnerships.

Martin Varsavsky has founded 7 companies in the past 20 years and currently lives in Madrid. Pulling on his personal experience of the startup world in Europe and the US, he explains why European startups should consider Silicon Valley carefully.

The following video is a ‘must see’ for every European entrepreneur with global ambitions and who is thinking about whether to relocate to Silicon Valley:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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