Social media advertising: Ebuzzing merged with Trigami


Trigami – the social media advertising platform out of Switzerland – and Wikio’s Ebuzzing have recently joined forces. Ebuzzing is a advertising division of the Luxembourg based Wikio Group. Trigami and Ebuzzing were both founded in 2007.

Trigami, which is based in Basel (Switzerland), provides solutions for social media advertising and is focused on German-speaking markets. The ad network of Trigami consists of over 15,000 bloggers and more then 500 advertisers that benefit from innovative ad solutions and seeded content. The Ebuzzing model works quite similar but with a more international approach. Bertrand Quesada, ebuzzing founder and Wikio Group Chief Revenue Officer recently stated: “We are committed to building the leading European Social Media Marketing platform, in order to serve our customers across all local markets. The experience and talent of the Trigami team will be invaluable as we expand our German operation”.

The merger with Trigami is the 7th merger for the Wikio Group within the last 18 months. Trigami is going to be integrated into the Ebuzzing platform.


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