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Masterbranch has closed a new round of financing

Masterbranch, a platform for employers who are looking for great developers, recently closed a new round of financing. The capital (€470k) for Masterbranch’s second financing round comes from NEOTEC and several Spanish business angels. The Barcelona based startup was founded in 2010 by Juan Luis Belmonte and Ignacio Andreu Dolset. On Masterbranch developers can create their profile, which is automatically updated through their open source activity, and employers can find candidates for available positions by looking at the coding skills of each developer. Right now Masterbranch has about 6,500 active users (developers) on its platform. The fresh capital is going to be used to improve the functionality of the marketplace and to grow the userbase.

At the moment the registration in Masterbranch is both for employers and developers completely free. Masterbranch is going to charge for some features (on the employer-side) and monthly job posts in the near future. The pricing plans will be released  soon.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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