GlossyBox: International expansion and a new investor


GlossyBox, the new BirchBox-clone out of Germany, has an new additional investor on board. Just one and a half month after the official launch of the Berlin based GlossyBox, Holtzbrinck Ventures now invested an undisclosed sum in the new clone which is backed by Rocket Internet – a startup incubator of the Samwer brothers. Aside of GlossyBox there are already a few of more players who copied the BirchBox-model. In Germany these are (for example) BooBox, and Box of Beauty (Douglas). The simple concept of BirchBox and its clones is a subscription model (€10 per-month) for monthly sent beauty samples.

As it is typical for Samwer backed startups, GlossyBox started its international expansion very quickly and with full speed. The subscription based service is already live in Germany, UK, South Korea and Brasil. According to (a startup-blog which is also backed by the Samwer brothers) the next countries are going to be Switzerland, Austria and France.