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Italian company Acabiz lands €55K and launches knowledge marketplace for academia

Acabiz S.r.l., a young Milan-based company, has launched www.acabiz.com, a new knowledge marketplace solely dedicated to the world of academia (Update – January 2023: The website seems to be no longer in use and we therefore deactivated the link).

The Italian company Acabiz S.r.l. was founded in 2010, and launched this new platform to help academics to easily provide their knowledge and expertise to commercial businesses, governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as private individuals.

Both academics (‘Knowledge Holders’) and those in need of knowledge (‘Knowledge Hunters’) can sign up for free to access the marketplace. Once registered, Knowledge Hunters specify the type of knowledge they are after and the price they are willing to pay. Relevant ‘Knowledge Holders’ identified by the Acabiz platform bid for the contract which is then assigned to one or more academics based on competence and price by the ‘Knowledge Hunters’. Finally, ‘Knowledge Holders’ carry out the assignment through the platform. Acabiz is entirely commission-based as posting and bidding for knowledge contracts is completely free.

The young Italy-based company has also just secured €55K in long-term funding from the Seed Fund programme of Finlombarde, the finance arm of Lombardy’s governmental body. Guido Uglietti, the founding partner at Acabiz, said in relation to the funding: “The investment will be used to further develop our platform by adding new features and expanding its geographical reach. We are also recruiting a number of “in-house-academics” to grow our user-base in specific subject areas.”

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