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Plendi and FreeAgent help you save time & money

Plendi and FreeAgent help you save time & money

Last month we reported about Plendi and its recently received seed investment. Today the Dublin based startup informed us that it now partners with FreeAgent, wich is an award winning online accounting system for small businesses and freelancers.

Fergal Murray, the CEO of Plendi said in relation to this partnership: “I talk to freelancers and small business owners every week who are overwhelmed with paperwork and losing money because of it. Together, Plendi and FreeAgent make it easy to track every expense and claim every VAT amount, no matter how small, so our customers can get out from under a mountain of paper and get back to building their businesses”.

Plendi takes the pain out of tracking out-of-pocket expenses. Customers take a picture of their receipts using Plendi’s iPhone or Android app. Each receipt is transcribed by Plendi’s data entry staff, and the image and transaction data are permanently stored in an online receipt manager. The partnership with FreeAgent means that the transaction data, including the date, vendor, net, VAT, and total, along with an image of the receipt are “automagically” recorded in the customer’s FreeAgent account. If the receipt is in a foreign currency, it is converted and recorded in the customer’s own currency in FreeAgent.
“As of today you can send your receipts to Plendi and see them appear automatically in FreeAgent. There’s no tedious data entry, and the receipt is stored securely as soon as you take the picture. You can still claim expenses from a client or deduct them from your tax bill even if you lose the paper receipt. Because Plendi works globally and converts currencies it’s a great expense tracking solution for our customers in the UK and all around the world.” said Ed Molyneux, CEO of FreeAgent.

Plendi’s basic service costs €39.95 per year and comes with a 30-day free trial. Plendi mobile apps are available for iPhone and Android. A BlackBerry app will be released soon.