MyNameIsE is renaming its product to Cardcloud


MyNameIsE, the winner of the Next Web Sun Startup Rally 2009, has recently announced its relaunch and renamed its product to Cardcloud. The young Amsterdam based digital business card app provider allows you to share online & social business cards with anyone through 3 taps of your finger. This makes networking and the spreading of business cards even easier. In an interview with TheNextWeb, the Cardcloud-founder Renato Valdés Olmos said today: “Although we’ve always personally liked E, the name is very vague and just not very descriptive. Cardcloud makes sense where E just didn’t”. In relation to the financial situation of the Cardcloud Olmos said: “We raised a small seed round that will allow us to continue for most of this year, but we are currently trying to close a round of funding that will allow us to execute our vision, bigger, better and faster.”

To find out more about Cardcloud – just watch their promotional video:

Cardcloud for iPhone from Cardcloud on Vimeo.