The new Birchbox-clone of the Samwer brothers


It’s a simple concept. A subscription model (€10 per-month) for women – with monthly sent beauty samples. The easy and famous concept, wich already works great in the US (Birchbox) has now been copied by the Samwer brothers and their incubator Rocket Internet. They call it GlossyBox. The CEO of this new Berlin based company is Charles von Abercron – the previous head of international online marketing at CityDeal (bought by Groupon). Very likely the GlossyBox-Team is going to roll out the Birchbox-model in many more European countries in the next few month. Because aside from copying business models – this is what the Samwers are really good at. For further info about GlossyBox check out the follwing commercial (in German).


  1. […] GlossyBox was founded in 2011 and is already available in over 20 countries. According to David Toledano (CEO, Glossybox France), the young company today has over 150,000 subscribers worldwide. The acquisition of MonCoffretBeaute could help Glossybox to play a more dominat role within the French market. The other big competitor of GlossyBox is a site called Joliebox, which secured 1 million Euro in October of 2011. By the end of last year, JolieBox has entered the UK market with the acquisition of Boudoir Privé. […]

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