Passion Capital: New $60 million early stage fund


Yesterday a new early stage fund for European startups was announced – Passion Capital. This $60 million weighing fund was started by Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge and Robert Dighero. The UK Government has also invested into Passion Capital via the Enterprise Capital Fund (ECF). Relating to the focus of Passion Capital, Stefan Glaenzer recently said: “We focus on European startups with global ambitions”. Last year Stefan Glaenzer was named the best angel investor in Europe by readers and editors of TechCrunch Europe. Passion Capital is planning to make about 50 investments, where the average investment size will probably be £150k-£200k at a time. The new London based fund already published its investment strategy and term sheet.


  1. Weather some investors agree or disagree, tech, and I mean start up or Angel investing is still the most financially lucrative opportunityout there. In the past we divided opportunities on high risk (private investing) and low risk (public stock) etc. Observing latests shifts in economy, or should I say market crashes, it became evident, at least to me, that there is no such thing as low risk investments. And choosing between two evils, it is obvious, again, at least to me, that with to some degree equal level of risk it makes more sense to commit to those investment opportunities that suggest much higher return and emotional satisfaction – feeling that you actually make a difference. So, with that said all the stock chat is not sexy to me anymore and my vote is for Angel investment. And we deal every day with so many great ideas – cool mobile applications, cloud computing, new ad platforms… web 2.0 is still super hot. What to wait for?

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