Launch: Are users really going to LoveThis?

0, a new recommendation platform launched its open beta version today. The London based startup LoveThis wants to become a compilation of all your friends best things, best times and best places. An “little black book” of recommendations from the people you trust most. LoveThis is trying to help people spend their money on the best value products and experiences. The young company argues, that there is such a barrage of anonymous noise over the internet, that its impossible to find the things that are right for you with any confidence. To sign up, users can use Facebook connect. After they opened up their LoveThis-account new members are enabled to sent recommendation via sms, twitter or directly through the site.

Alexis Dormandy, the founder and CEO of LoveThis, said that he founded LoveThis because he has great friends who could recommend him loads of fun things, but they forget to do so, and he doesn’t remember when they do. Before he started LoveThis, Alexis Dormandy worked as a Group Director at Virgin, where he was responsible for all of the Virgin Group’s new businesses including Virgin Mobile and Virgin Active.