Hyves and the In Memoriam-status for the dead


The Dutch social network Hyves isn’t dead by now – although it has to compete with Facebook in some way. But like every other social network Hyves has also to deal with the fact that everybody has to die some day. Thats why they recently introduced social networking for the dead. From now on relatives have the possibility to request that the Hyves profile of their deceased loved ones becomes an online memorial. The “In Memoriam”-status makes it clear for all Hyves users that a Hyves profile is of a deceased user. The date of death is mentioned prominently in the profile and the age of the deceased user remains the same to the date of death. It is also ensured that reminders about birthdays or other interaction with the deceased can’t occure.

We think this is a good idea. But it will probably not save Hyves from a slowly occurring death through the stiff competition. Therefore, it is no wonder that the following Alexa chart shows a downward trend for the daily reach of Hyves in the last 6 months. Hyves was founded in 2004 and was acquired at the end of 2010 by TMG (Telegraaf Media Groep).