Fantasy Shopper – HackFwds 2. e-commerce project


The European incubator HackFwd has recently announced a new e-commerce startup called Fantasy Shopper, wich is now 100 days from launch. According to HackFwd, Fantasy Shopper will launch in the intersection between social gaming and shopping utilities. A unique consumer experience lies at the core of the product making it well positioned to take a clear lead in the social shopping space. The founder-team, wich is from the UK (Exeter), will try to solve some of the bigger challenges in this area, in a way that produces a very rewarding end-user experience and great opportunities for partners in the shopping value chain. On March 1st, the Fantasy Shopper-team won the first prize of £20,000 in the GWE Business West’s Born Global competition. Fantasy Shopper will release more details about the product as the launch date draws nearer.


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