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Nokia Growth Partners invested in SponsorPay

Nokia Growth Partners invested in SponsorPay

SponsorPay, the leading international ad-funded payments platform, has announced new Series A2 funding of $5 million from Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) and existing investors. The investment will be employed towards SponsorPay’s expansion to mobile devices. SponsorPay’s innovative platform helps online publishers monetize their users more effectively and advertiser clients achieve their campaign objectives. The funding from Nokia Growth Partners not only contributes financial support to SponsorPay but grants access to a global industry network and attractive business development opportunities in the booming mobile space.

“Since inception, we’ve focused on delivering a high quality user experience and expanding the business internationally to achieve a premier position in the industry. The investment allows us to carry our success forward to the mobile market. We are excited to work with such a reputable financier,” commented Andreas Bodczek, CEO and co-­‐founder at SponsorPay. “We are very pleased to invest in SponsorPay and support the expansion of their cutting edge monetization platform. They have established themselves as a distinct leader in a rapidly growing market and serve a diverse customer base from all over the world. We believe there are great opportunities ahead when working together,” added Bo Ilsoe, partner at Nokia Growth Partners. SponsorPay’s industry-­‐leading turnkey solution handles campaign optimization, billing, fraud prevention and 24/7 native customer support. The NGP investment will help extend SponsorPay’s leadership to mobile platforms, thereby offering both publishers and advertisers a complete cross-­‐ platform solution. SponsorPay’s new SDKs for all leading smartphone platforms give mobile game and application developers access to a diverse portfolio of distribution and monetization products including application installs, surveys, trials, lead generation and videos. “Our mobile services address two major challenges for developers – performance-­‐based distribution and monetization of price-­‐sensitive users. SponsorPay’s proven strengths are excellent partnership development and high quality localization. These are in our DNA and will help us succeed in the mobile space as well,” said Janis Zech, Chief Revenue Officer and co-­‐founder at SponsorPay.

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