Italian startup Beintoo closes angel round to gamify mobile apps


Beintoo, a young italian startup, just announced the closing of its angel round.

The Milan-based startup, is developing an API framework that allows developers to immediately introduce what they called a “rewards layer”. Developers can decide a set of achievements and their users will be rewarded by receiving sponsored virtual goods from select advertisers when they reach the achievements. Developers monetize when their users receive a sponsored good and when there is a conversion into a real coupon. They just released an alpha version.

At the moment the product looks like a community where users can review and comment on apps, and thus seems to compete with Rome-based iWikiPhone, but the focus seems to lie on the API development.

The company was founded in September 2010 by Antonio Tomarchio and Filippo Privitera, two ex-Dada managers. Tomarchio previously founded AdRight, and ad server acquired by Dada in 2008 and transformed into what is now Privitera has been with Tomarchio since the AdRight days.

I’m trying to gather some names and an amount of the deal.