Interview with Mark Curtis (Flirtomatic)


Although Mark Curtis, the CEO of Flirtomatic, is very busy at the moment he just took some time today to do a short interview with us. Flirtomatic is probably Europe’s leading flirting social network for people connected to the Internet (via mobile phone or PC). The London-base company was founded in 2006 and has recently reached 3.5 million registered users. How did you finance the startup-phase of Flirtomatic and what were the main stumbling blocks of the first year?

Mark Curtis: Initially it grew as a kind of incubated project within Fjord (a service design company that I am also a director of). Then we were introduced to Avi Azulai who put in significant seed funding.

The main stumbling blocks were really on the development side – we were far too ambitious for the platform we developed for initially, and it took us a while to figure that out, and switch platforms. Looking back, what would you do differently in the startup-stage?

Mark Curtis: Be more focussed. What makes Flirtomatic unique or better as other services out there?

Mark Curtis: We focus on fun. it’s surprising how few service developers really do this. In an interview with Mobile Developer TV in 2009 you stated, that 10% of Flirtomatic revenues come through credit card on the mobile. Has this share increased or decreased since then?

Mark Curtis: It’s about the same. I’d expect a lot more change in the billing models we use in the next two years as there is heaps of innovation going on in the industry. Where do you like to see Flirtomatic in like 3 years?

Mark Curtis: A global leader in finding/flirting/dating. Known for shaking up the industry and making money. What would you do for a living, if you had not started a business?

Mark Curtis: Probably be a pig farmer. But that’s a business too. What was your worst business idea yet?

Mark Curtis: Not so much one worst idea, as a record of going to market too early…