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German startup Simfy partners with StudiVZ (Germany’s largest social network)

The German startup Simfy, which is similar to the music platform Spotify, just announced it’s partnership with the German social media platform StudiVZ (Update – December 2022: The startup seems to be no longer in business and we therefore deactivated the link).

Simfy is an online music platform, based in Cologne, which was founded in 2006 by Steffen Wicker and Christoph Lange. It recently announced the launch of a English language version for next week.

You might not be familiar with StudiVZ, but their partnership announcement is big news. StudiVZ and its additional sites MeinVZ and SchuelerVZ reach over 385 million visits a month.

Thanks to this new collaboration, users of the VZ-networks will be offered a free desktop app called ‘Simfy–VZ Edition’ which will provide them with access to Simfy’s full streaming music catalogue. The music streaming service is ad-supported. As StudiVZ targets mainly students, Simfy will launch a new student price point of €6.99 for its premium account.

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