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89 Top Sustainability Startups and Companies in The Netherlands (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best sustainability companies in the Netherlands. These startups and scale-ups are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the sustainability industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy
  • Management, diversity and/or societal impact

Top Dutch Sustainability Startups

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

Louis Dreyfus Company: Global merchandiser of commodities and a major asset owner and processor of agricultural goods.With its global reach and extensive asset network to serve their customers and consumers around the world, delivering the right products to the right location, at the right time.

EVBoxEVBox: Leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. Over a decade ago, EVBox was founded to empower the EV revolution. Power up in style with our easy-to-use home charging solutions that are built to last.

Land-Life-CompanyLand Life Company: Land Life Company is a technology-driven reforestation company that plants trees at scale, offering corporations and organizations a sustainable and transparent way to take climate action and compensate for carbon emissions through nature restoration.

RenoonRenoon: Renoon is an end-to-end transparency software for fashion and retail. This search platform empowers companies to map their supply chains, manage, interpret, and present key information about their level of sustainability in compliance with legislative requirements.

CirculariseCircularise: Dutch supply chain transparency software provider who believes better transparency is necessary to create a circular economy. They have developed a blockchain-based supply chain traceability solution with a unique encryption technology ‘Smart Questioning’.

hello-energyhello energy: SaaS solution for sustainability and portfolio managers in real estate companies, aiming to create energy-positive buildings by connecting real estate stakeholders through actionable sustainability insights. They collect, validate and enrich sustainability data from all kinds of sources worldwide.

ChainCargoChainCargo:  Logistics partner for a green and digital future They facilitate road transport by connecting technology, people, and expertise in a new solution that simply delivers. Combining state-of-the-art technology with dedicated service teams, they ensure that shippers and carriers receive a complete logistics solution they can trust.

SustonableSustonable: They are bringing a sustainable revolution to every household by creating the first circular design surface: A composite stone made of recycled PET and quartz” that is 100% recyclable, and free of hazardous chemicals.

In-OvoIn Ovo: Biotech company developing high-tech solutions for the poultry industry to improve animal welfare and efficiency. Their main focus is on solving a long-existing problem in hatcheries: the culling of one-day-old male chicks. Their solution determines the gender in the egg before the chick hatches, to prevent male chicks from having to be killed.

Sustainer-HomesSustainer Homes: They are building a system that aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable construction by providing a circular modular housing solution. Their system offers design flexibility, digital integration, and detailed 3D models to assist developers, contractors, architects, and manufacturers in creating scalable and affordable housing.

QCPQuality Circular Polymers (QCP): They Provide brand owners and plastics converters with polymers of high and consistent quality, based on used plastics. QCP’s products enable them to provide sustainable end products on a large scale.

B’onwterp Labs: A 21st-century ecosystem builder lab that helps and connects young fashion entrepreneurs, user fashion researchers, future product designers, and sustainable global fashion organizations and institutions to work together with all under one roof it is Nederland’s First Digital Sustainable Fashion Research House.

WindcentraleWindcentrale: Founded in 2010 with the aim of accelerating the transition to renewable energy in the Netherlands. By offering the opportunity to become a co-owner of a wind turbine, everyone can enjoy the benefits of wind energy.

Degree-nDegree-n:  They offer progressive heating solutions that are energy-efficient. By combining a special heating mat with infrared technology, Degree-n minimizes the use of fossil fuels. This patented infrared technology ensures energy-efficient heating, making their infrared products among the most energy-efficient on the global market.

BringlyBringly: Your Sustainable First-to-Last-Mile Ecosystem. They ship from shops, warehouses, hubs, or other locations, ensuring consistent service levels. They smartly match parcels in real time with the best delivery options available.

AkzoNobelAkzoNobel: They provide sustainable and innovative paints and coatings upon which customers, communities, and the environment increasingly depend. Their world-class portfolio of brands, including Dulux, International, Sikkens, and Interpon, is trusted by clients worldwide.

Perfect-earthPerfect Earth: They develop and publish mobile and physical games with purpose they utilise the potent mechanisms of games to help children understand the effects of their actions on the environment. They are confident that by raising awareness in children, they can influence human behaviour.

WAKA-WAKAWakaWaka: An acclaimed social enterprise that designs, produces, and sells the world’s most efficient solar lamps and chargers. Their mission is to share the sun’s abundant power with over a billion individuals globally who lack the convenience of a light switch and another billion who don’t have consistent access.

NovioponicsNovioponics: They Specialise in crafting products that aid the food industry in sustainable food production while upholding the safety and quality of food. They introduced MiClean, a distinctive bio-cleaning product designed for animal houses. MiClean is a ready-to-use solution, requiring no dilution or additional preparation, ensuring ease of use for consumers.

venturerockVenturerock:  Venturerock is an Impact Venture Builder and ecosystem of founders, backers & builders. They have reshaped the traditional venture capital approach into a venture-building paradigm. By championing technology, science, and innovation, they have conceived and nurtured the upcoming generation of global tech enterprises.

reNaturereNature: Dedicated to bringing regenerative agriculture to the forefront. Through offering agronomical technical support, monitoring and evaluating impact indicators, and facilitating access to off-takers and potential carbon markets via their project management, reNature addresses both climate change and biodiversity loss.

Engineers-Without-BordersEngineers-Without-Borders: They use the spare time of their engineers to enhance life in developing nations using their technical expertise. Every project they undertake stems from a local request and incorporates a business/social framework. Through this approach, they achieve lasting and sustainable impact.

Ampyx-PowerAmpyx Power: They design and implement utility-scale Airborne Wind Energy Systems that offer unmatched environmental, safety, and cost benefits. By taking energy harvesting to the skies, they conserve valuable resources on the ground and capitalize on the superior performance and material efficiency of their technology.

PortXchangePortXchange: PortXchange was founded with a mission to increase efficiency in the shipping industry, and reduce CO2 emissions per vessel movement. It provides a centralized platform for sharing real-time information to align all the players in the maritime logistics chain during a port call.

EnviuEnviu: A daily dose of inspiration, they construct ventures that tackle social and environmental challenges while spurring market development. They achieve significant impact in areas such as financial inclusion, circular economy, and food security.

GoodfuelsGoodfuels: GoodFuels is a global pioneer in sustainable biofuels. The company has created a one-stop shop for marine industry customers integrating the entire supply chain for sustainable marine biofuels. their proposal covers elements of sourcing feedstock and ensuring its 100% sustainability, production and refining, global distribution, quality assurance and marketing programs with ports, governments and end clients.

IncoolingIncooling: Originally designed to cool the largest scientific experiment on the planet – the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Incooling adapted the unique properties of two-phase cooling and created a next-generation 2 phase cooled server dedicated to achieving the full potential of the data centre industry.

O-MY-BAGO My Bag: O My Bag unites sustainability enthusiasts and fashion aficionados, emphasizing that consumers’ choices can make a global difference. They offer eco-leather bags and accessories crafted with consideration for both the planet and its inhabitants. As a testament to their commitment, they are a certified B Corp.

KitepowerKitepower: They elevate wind energy by substituting rigid structures with intelligent controls and lightweight wings, aiming for cost-effective and eco-friendly electricity production. They design mobile airborne wind energy systems to make green electricity accessible to all.

DeWarmteDeWarmte: Their Pump AO provides central heating and is designed with an eye for detail and great design. The power of the Pump AO is between 2 and 8 kW, which corresponds to the heating needs of the vast majority of Dutch households.

EnexisEnexis: Dutch regional network operator that distributes energy from energy suppliers to households and business enterprises. Energy is essential in modern society. This is why they strive for a dependable and sustainable energy source for both today and the future. The companies within the Enexis Group collectively exhibit drive, speed, and agility.


ACTIAM: Since the previous year, ACTIAM, a prominent sustainable asset manager, merged into Cardano. Starting June 1st, 2023, the ACTIAM brand will begin to phase out. We will unite under one unified brand. With a single mission.

FoamPlantFoamPlant: Offering safe, reliable, and sustainable technical foams for all, they are on a quest to revolutionize the foam industry. Their aim is to introduce a sustainable and biodegradable substitute for conventional technical foam materials.

Stone-CyclingStone Cycling: By experimenting with new, cutting-edge technologies, creating different types of building materials for a variety of applications, and developing dry-stack systems that can be disassembled at the end of their lifespan, we always expand our range of sustainable building materials.

JOAJOA Air Solutions: JOA Air Solutions offers custom, all-inclusive solutions for your Dust, Vapor, and Aerosol challenges. Partnering with JOA ensures reduced downtime, optimized OPEX, and heightened safety and sustainability. Leveraging their capability to precisely predict required specifications, they champion ‘1st time right’ Filtration Systems.

APsystems-EuropeAltenergy Power System Europe: They focus on developing, manufacturing, and markets and offer the world’s largest solar microinverters solutions range including advanced monitoring, an online software platform and apps ideal for residential and commercial businesses.

AERspireAERspire: BIPV solution which generates electricity and replaces the traditional building material. It is a patented solution which is independent of future developments in cell technology. The product can be used for tilted roofs, different other kinds of canopies, carports or for example façades.

SeaQurrentSeaQurrent:  A pioneering start-up dedicated to producing electricity from tidal currents in an affordable manner, aiming for international accessibility. They are at the forefront of innovation, designing an environmentally friendly underwater kite system known as the SeaQurrent® TidalKite Power Plant.

Sea-Going-GreenSea Going Green: Operating as a sustainable tourism consultancy, guiding tourism enterprises across the globe in crafting bespoke sustainability and carbon footprint diminution tactics. Their clientele spans hotels & resorts, river cruises, yachts, entire islands, and organizers of maritime & coastal leisure events.

Nomad-PowerNomad Power: Founded with one simple goal in mind: to provide reliable energy systems that can be deployed virtually anywhere they’re needed. Mobilizing energy storage unlocks a wide variety of applications that fixed assets simply can’t, from integrating renewables to modernizing disaster response and relief.

Good-BugThe Good Bug: Insect-based proteins for human consumption. They have developed a scientifically supported range of probiotics, featuring clinically tested strains of bacteria suitable for both adults and children. Their aim is to improve gut health, which in turn holistically addresses digestive issues, core health, and women’s health concerns, promoting daily well-being.

Juice-BrothersJuice Brothers: Online store that sells organic cold-pressed juices, and superfood smoothies. Every juice they produce is cold-pressed, a method that ensures the utmost retention of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from each 100% certified organic component without any exceptions.

Paper-On-The-RocksPaper On The Rocks:  They utilize tree-free and eco-conscious paper, crafted from construction (stone) and agricultural (plant) residues, yielding environmentally-friendly notebooks. Committed to giving back, they contribute their time, services, and a minimum of 5% of their sales to initiatives focused on reforestation and the protection of natural reserves.

Holland-Circular-HotspotHolland Circular Hotspot: Holland Circular Hotspot is a private-public platform in which companies, knowledge institutes and (local) authorities collaborate to promote and support international collaboration and knowledge exchange on the Dutch circular economy.

hollandbioHollandBIO:An esteemed biotech industry association in the Netherlands, committed to magnifying the impact of biotech innovations on societal health and sustainability. They represent, support and connect an active, privately funded, and rapidly growing community of more than 270 member companies.

NPSPNPSP: They specialise in making durable, fibre-reinforced plastics for construction, design, mobility and industry. Together with its clients, NPSP realises surprisingly beautiful solutions to technical issues. Aesthetically, technically and sustainably.

EnergyZeroEnergyZero: An independent online energy company. They empower enterprises to establish their distinct energy brands, offering them a deep understanding of their customers’ energy usage and generation. In collaboration, they craft intelligent strategies to assist consumers in fine-tuning their energy consumption habits and patterns.

KromkommerKromkommer: A social enterprise aiming to contribute to the reduction of food waste. About 10% of vegetables are wasted simply because they don’t look good enough or because there is too much of it. Their goal is to get these veggies back on our plates. By telling the story of this product with creative campaigns and their own line of vegetable soups & and toys.

Libra-EnergyLibra Energy: Leading distributor of renewable energy systems distinguished by superior logistics and quality control, a leader in solar energy in Europe and a full partner for charging stations and charging software for electric vehicles.

GreenbookingsGreenbookings:They are making a concrete contribution to a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions through event and meeting venues in the Netherlands by planting trees. We do this in cooperation with Trees for All. This is how we work together towards a green and healthy world.

FruitLeatherFruitLeather: An online shop that provides leather-like materials made from fruit waste and also develops eco-friendly processes. FruitLeather mission is to provide the world with eco and animal-friendly material. Contributing to a greener and more bio-based future.

SMIBVSmart Mobility Innovations: They deal with different models of electric folding bikes that are sold via offline and online stores. Under the “FOLT” brand, they produce foldable e-bikes. Due to their compact nature, these e-bikes have gained a lot of popularity among a broader audience.

Duurzaam-bestrijdenDuurzaam-bestrijdenDuurzaam bestrijden: They offer sustainable control offers solutions to combat nuisance to nature without burdening nature unnecessarily. The startup offers sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for pests, dogs, cats, and mice.

LivemobilityLivemobility: They allow you to manage your mobility and CO2 emissions from travel. Discover the power of insight into travel movements and emissions, and make vital improvements for even the most complex challenges and organizations.

UnrobeUnrobe:  Sustainable fashion brand established in 2017. It uses the finest 0% waste fabrics and is ethically produced in top-tier factories in Portugal, ensuring no harm to people or the environment. Unrobe is hyper-transparent about its sourcing, allowing you to discover who made your clothes.

biekBy Biek: Contemporary jewellery crafted with sustainability in mind. Every piece is thoughtfully designed and produced in the Netherlands, underscoring a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and environmental respect. Each material chosen is on its second journey, infusing every piece of jewellery with a unique backstory.

Made-blueMadeblue: Championing clean water in developing nations, reflecting everyday usage in diverse venues from hospitality to offices. They promote conservation in hotels, and corporate water savings, and advocate sustainable habits with reusable water bottles. Their mission extends from local water solutions to global impact.

red-stackREDstack: RED (Reverse ElectroDialysis) is a renewable energy method using fresh and saltwater as ‘fuel’. As rivers meet seas, their waters mix, making ideal sites for RED application. Within an enclosure called REDstack, where the company name originates, water is controlled for ener gy extraction, resulting in Blue Energy supplied to the grid.

Branding-a-Better-WorldBranding a Better World: Creative branding agency for sustainable brands and themes. They are dedicated to amplifying positive impact through strategic branding and campaigns. Their expertise transforms strong stories into unforgettable narratives.

TUBESTUBES: Wines & Spirits by the glass offers elegantly bottled wines & spirits in 50 ml and 100 ml glass or recycled plastic tubes, boasting a commercial shelf-life. Since 2015, their beverage solutions have delivered numerous advantages to producers and retailers.

Van-der-MolenVan der Molen EIS: Van der Molen Environmental Internet Services specializes in sustainable web portals, drawing thousands daily, making them content marketing powerhouses. The company spearheaded events like the CSR Manager of the Year election, previously the grand National Sustainability Congress founded by Folkert in May 2000.

rockstart-originalRockstar Clothing: Their commitment to hand-crafted details, quality, sustainability, and timeless trends positions Rockstar Original as a global fashion essential. Since its inception, Rockstar’s designs have been crafted to amplify and celebrate individuality.

seitaSeita: An Open-source software championing the green revolution. Their flagship solution, FlexMeasures EMS, is affiliated with the Linux Energy Foundation. Combining commercial viability with transparent offerings, they provide SaaS hosting and enterprise-level support, making AI-driven energy optimization accessible worldwide.

evoyoEvoyo:  Specializing in renewable energy and sustainability solutions, Evoyo installs and maintains heat and energy systems for homes. Formerly known as Econic, our rebrand aims to accelerate the European energy transition and contribute to a world without emissions.

Scape-AgencyScape Agency: They blend design thinking with emerging technologies to create a brighter perspective for people and the planet. Their products and services naturalize technology in liveable and sustainable scapes that spark the imagination and inspire future generations.

lotikaLotika: Eco and Fair Shopping platform offering trendy t-shirts, trainers, and accessories. They prioritize selling products that are made with respect for both people and the environment. For retailers interested in their brand offerings they provide access to brands such as Ethletic, Pants To Poverty, and MR.Poulet.

Impact-Hub-AmsterdamImpact Hub Amsterdam:They are part of a global network of over 16,000 impact entrepreneurs and innovators in 100+ cities. They facilitate solutions to societal challenges by offering networks, expertise, resources, and accelerator programs. With collaborative workspaces and events, they empower entrepreneurs for a better world.

MeterInsightMeterInsight: Dedicated to accelerating the energy transition, they provide organizations with a user-friendly data platform to save energy, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals. Their product suite includes Energy Management for insights, Energy Datahub for data consolidation, and Energy in Focus for real-time awareness in buildings.

ConnecthingConnecthing: They have evolved from a humble reseller into a leading e-commerce business, transforming the way the world retails power and gas. Their mission is to build scalable marketplaces that help accelerate the energy transition. They operate based on a clearly defined set of values: partnership, energy, reliability, innovation, and sustainability.

Groene-ZakenGroene Zaken: A platform for sustainable companies that connect companies to use each other’s products & services for company growth. In addition to publishing news and blogs, they promote sustainable products, services, locations, and events!

TransitionHEROTransitionHERO: They are Greentech engineers who strongly believe in Green Technology as a solution for delivering a positive impact on climate change and transforming the industry into something better. Central to their approach is their creativity and professional experience, combined with their algorithmic solutions.

PDCProcess Design Center: They champion a sustainable process industry by innovating with AI-driven PROSYN(R) technology, pioneering bio-based and waste-based processes, and emphasizing Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage since 1993.

SustOILableSustOilLable: Online retailer sustOILable is powered by eco-aware women passionate about stylish care products. They craft a range of sustainable soaps, oils, skin sets, butters, and washing items, merging genuine natural quality with appealing aesthetics.

Houtspel.nlHoutspel.nl: Online store that offers top-tier, handcrafted wooden toys that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also promote child development. Beyond toys, they provide wooden decorations and craft materials.

Fresh-Flavours-InternationalFresh Flavours: They are a company specialising in marketing top-quality fresh produce throughout Europe. Their team of dedicated professionals prioritizes the needs of their clients. In collaboration with their growing partners, they ensure the premium quality and taste of the imported fresh produce.

BizzerdBizzerd: An interactive, paperless, digital business card for any organization. With Bizzerd, your business card is actually a mini-website. This is convenient because it allows you to give your interactive business card to someone anytime and anywhere, for example, via WhatsApp, text message, e-mail or with the QR code.

Masters-that-MatterMasters that Matter: A foundation addressing today’s and future social challenges. For each issue, they assemble a team: a Wise Owl (seasoned expert), a Young Dog (vibrant newcomer), and a Strange Duck (unconventional outsider). Their collective expertise, hands-on experience, and creativity lead to previously unthinkable solutions

Over-MorgenOver Morgen: Ensuring the elderly and chronically ill receive consistent attention, without overburdening caregivers, is vital. About Tomorrow consolidates campaigns, knowledge, and experiences. Through conversations with society, industry, and caregivers, they shape the vision for the care of tomorrow.

Tree-SupporterTree Supporter: They simplify addressing global challenges, allowing anyone from age four upwards to contribute. They offer an eco-friendly marketing platform that bolsters brand engagement. Join them, watch ads, and earn trees to combat poverty and climate change.

TwenceTwence: They transform waste and biomass into energy and raw materials, aiding in CO2 reduction and material cycling. Based in the Twente region, they’re a significant renewable energy producer in Overijssel and nationally. With a vision of a zero-waste society, they champion recycling and efficient renewable energy generation.

Next-Generation-MachineryNext Generation Machinery: They offer clean energy solutions to reduce fossil fuel reliance on machines, vehicles, and generators. Their innovative “Blue Box” uses methanol fuel cells, emphasizing methanol’s safety and efficiency. Serving construction and agriculture, NGM champions sustainability with tailored solutions and off-grid energy innovations.

Logisticon-Water-TreatmentLogisticon Water Treatment: Logisticon Water Treatment designs and constructs complete water treatment installations for the preparation of drinking and process water, and for the treatment of communal and industrial wastewater.

TFI-Vitaler-GroenTFI Vitaler Groen: For over 35 years, TFI Vitaler Groen has championed tree growth site enhancement via soil. Their unique TFI method targets tree habitats and compacted soils with precision. Through dedication, they’ve transformed landscapes ensuring trees flourish.

DuneaDunea: Non-profit organization serving 1.3 million in Zuid-Holland with reliable water and welcomes a million visitors yearly to the Monster-Katwijk dunes. They’ve safeguarded this nature and water extraction for 135 years. Prioritizing clean water and Randstad’s tranquillity, they constantly seek innovative solutions for water and nature.

EDSP-BVEDSP: They provide global consultancy for organizations focusing on planetary protection and prosperity. They streamline IT decisions, championing sustainable technologies for a circular economy. With partners, they ensure secure, consistent access to essential resources across devices.

Van-der-Arend-Tropical-PlantcenterVan der Arend Tropical Plantcenter: Van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter imports and acclimatises (sub)tropical plants and trees. With more than 30 years of experience and by working with its own people, a specialist knowledge of plants and trees has been built up.

Op-Naar-NulOp Naar Nul: The company’s aim is for buildings and accommodations that are CO2-neutral and energy-efficient. Beyond technical and financial solutions, ONN emphasizes the urgency of sustainability and aids in driving this mission forward.

2-collectorsThe Two Collectors: Homemade jewellery brand championing sustainability. Using gold-filled materials and ethical suppliers, they offset emissions by planting trees. Their eco-friendly, timeless collections counter fast fashion, presenting gems that enhance beauty and the world.

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Mark Kendall
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