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5 good reasons to follow @EU_Startups

Twitter users usually love lists, and since there are many reasons to follow @EU_Startups, we thought it might be a good idea to list some of them. In addition we’re now also announcing a sweapstake: Among all our followers who … Continue reading

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We just switched from @EU_Startups_com to @EU_Startups

Many of our Twitter followers already noticed it – but now official: We just switched from @EU_Startups_com to the shorter and much nicer Twitter handle @EU_Startups. Since this was an activated but inactive username, it took a few emails back … Continue reading

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Did Twitter expect the Spanish Invasion?

It seems that barely a week goes by without a new Twitter tool being launched by a Spanish start-up. Indeed some voices from Iberia have been claiming that the best Twitter tools now come from Spain. Is this a rash … Continue reading

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Gidsy receives $1.2m from Ashton Kutcher & others

Gidsy, a platform where people can discover, offer and book unique experiences, just announced a seed round investment. The round is led by Sunstone Capital and is joined by Index Ventures, Werner Vogels, Peter Read and Ashton Kutcher. The fresh … Continue reading

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Tweetdeck is going to be acquired by Twitter

It seems as if the London based social media application Tweetdeck is finally going to be acquired by Twitter. According to Mike Arrington (founder of TechCrunch) and his sources, the deal is going to be officially announced in the next … Continue reading

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Paper.li: From Facebook status updates to a Newspaper

Last month we already reported about this Swiss startup that transforms individual Twitter-data into a readable newspaper. paper.li now also added Facebook status updates to its armoury. Users now can create papers based on all posts on Facebook that are available for public. … Continue reading

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