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Wolkify AB
Wolkify AB
Wolkify AB is a personal growth and personal development community for anyone passionate about improving themselves. We offer our users the opportunity to host their own personal growth blog and write about their journey. We also allow users to sell their own personal growth products through wolkify.com and that way generate an income.

Wolkify.com will become the go-to online platform for anything related to personal growth and personal development. It will give users complete freedom over the content, allowing them to both learn from others as well as share their own expertise.
Wolkify users will be able to create their own blogs on the site, will be able to purchase and produce their own e-learning courses and can interact with an active, global community through forums, groups and instant messaging. They can even sell their own personal growth -related products to the community, right there on site.

This way they avoid all the hassle of creating their own website, running a webshop, doing on and off-site SEO, doing marketing and slowly building a customer base. Instead, they can do all that on Wolkify.com – where they directly reach their target audience – without any initial costs.
Customers of wolkify.com on the other hand will profit from the diversity of the available information and products. Instead of only finding the coaches with the highest-ranking page on google, they will now be able to get content that is objectively the best (since judged by the entire personal growth community).