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Mark Nessfield is a Data Analyst/Miner out of the UK. He is also the creator of - which is a directory of Spanish startups.

Did Twitter expect the Spanish Invasion?

It seems that barely a week goes by without a new Twitter tool being launched by a Spanish start-up. Indeed some voices from Iberia have been claiming that the best Twitter tools now come from Spain. Is this a rash … Continue reading

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Spanish Betabeers network venture into London

Earlier this month, the Spanish social network for web and app developers, Betabeers , met for the first time in London. I was privileged enough to be able to attend, and I came away with some new conclusions about this … Continue reading

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Spanish startups are changing the way the world uses the web

Every day 100s of new enterprises launch their web journey, and millions of users find new ways to utilise the power of the web. Spanish startups are playing their part in changing the way that people use the internet in … Continue reading

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Spain isn’t just Madrid & Barcelona – startups are launching everywhere

It’s easy to assume that Spanish start-ups come from either Madrid or Barcelona. Barely a day goes by without hearing of new web ventures or funding rounds taking place in those magnificent cities. They each even have websites devoted to … Continue reading

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5 Spanish start-ups to look out for in 2012

Start-ups are springing up everywhere at an increasing rate, so it’s been hard to narrow this list down to 5. However I’ve decided to just go with 5 Spanish start-ups you’ve probably not yet heard of, in different sectors. Some … Continue reading

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How Spanish startups are using web technology to change the world

It’s normally the depressed construction sector and the debts left behind that dominate the headlines as regards Spain, but several Spanish start-ups are contributing in a more positive way to the world’s economy. They’ve also been setting on new employees … Continue reading

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Women in the start-up scene in Spain

At one time technology start-ups were held to be the province of male geeks. Something surprising has happened though – more and more start-ups are being launched by women, and it’s also the case in Spain. Yet, perhaps it shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Is Spain a good place for foreign entrepreneurs to launch start-ups?

It’s often been a dream for people from cooler, northern countries, to move to Spain and work and live under the sun, and enjoy a different lifestyle. After doing your day’s work you can relax on the beach, visit the … Continue reading

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Will there be a Spanish explosion of start-ups in 2012?

I read recently an article by Marek Fodor, a Spanish Business Angel and founder of the sites and As it’s in Spanish I’ll summarize his main points as to why 2012 should be a bumper year for Spanish start-ups: … Continue reading

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