Crowdfunding platform Companisto announces European expansion

companistoThe equity-based crowdfunding platform Companisto today announced the launch of a new pan-European platform to support startup teams from all over the continent. The new English-language site will allow submissions from any business based in Europe and investments from anywhere in the world, making it a unique offering in the equity-based crowdfunding space.

Based in Berlin, Companisto has previously concentrated solely on the German-speaking market. Since launching in 2012, the platform has seen over 15,600 investments totaling over €4.5 million, already securing its place as one of the leading equity-based crowdfunding platforms in Europe. Over 1,000 startups have applied to Companisto, with only 25 making it through the company’s rigorous selection process.

Companisto’s European expansion will see the same principles applied – startups on its platform will provide detailed presentations including a video, detailed business plans and financial projections to potential investors. The amount of money startups can raise through Companisto is unlimited, while investors – known as Companists – can invest as little as €5 up to €100,000. In return, they become shareholders and are entitled to a share of any profits, as well as potentially benefitting from an exit.

Tamo Zwinge, Managing Director of Companisto, stated: “We want to attract the best and brightest entrepreneurs in Europe and link them up with investors from all over the world. In turn, we want to provide our Companists with all the information they need in order to help them make an informed judgement about the investment potential of a company on the Companisto platform”.

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