Jobs of the week: SponsorPay, CupoNation, w0o0t

Be part of the sucess stories of some of Europe’s hottest startups out there. From now on, we’re going to introduce you each week to great career oportunities in the startup space. For a complete overview, make sure to check out our job board. And here are the jobs of the week:

SponsorPay-LogoThe Ad Monetization Platform SponsorPay is one of Berlin’s biggest startup successes. Right now, they are seeking to hire a Key Account Manager Developer Relations EMEA. As Developer Relations Manager, you will play a key strategic role in the growth and success of the organization. Using your business development skills, you will close partnerships with mobile application developers to integrate SponsorPay’s revenue management platform as their primary technology solution for ad monetization.

CupoNation-logoCupoNation is a very international startup with people from more than 20 different nations and is based in Munich. The online couponing website provides discounts for a wide range of products in 12 different countries. Currently they are seeking to hire a Business Development Intern and an Online Marketing Intern – SEO. Besides working hard, the CupoNation team also knows how to celebrate their successes with company events like barbeques or Oktoberfest.

Woot-logow0o0t Ltd is an early stage start-up in 3D printing based in London. The company is developing a new breed of 3D printers based on polymer jetting technology. Basically, it’s a piezoelectric head that jets photocure resin and a UV laser that cures the fluid layer by layer in order to form the object. The design and core components have been sorted out. W0o0t is now looking for someone who can take care of the electronics and software in order to enter the testing phase.

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